Become a quartz glass
processing expert

Brand Introduction

Established in June 2007, Qinhuangdao Yaohua Quartz Technology Development Co., Ltd. whose predecessor is Fused Quartz Glass Project Department under the Technical Center of China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation, has been specialized in R&D, production and sales of UV fused quartz glass since 2002. It starts the production of UV fused quartz glass with domestic vertical deposition process, becomes a pioneer and forerunner of domestic vertical deposition process and changes the situation that this industry is lagged in process and technology at home for a long time, boosting the upgrade and rapid development of industrial technology. The Company owns independent intellectual property and wins two patents of invention in national defense; the high-quality large-size fused quartz glass fills the domestic blank, breaks the foreign monopolies and gains the recognition and high praise from leaders at all levels, experts and majority of users.

Adhering to the company culture of “pursuit of innovation, aspire for high”, the company has been focusing on technological innovation and enhancing its core competitiveness for many years. The company has continuously undertaken more than 10 national key projects, whose key technical indicators of fusing quartz glass are constantly improving and breaking through, and it has always been in the leading position in China, ranking among the international first-class levels and becoming an important supplier of high-end UV fused quartz glass in China.

In 2021, in order to meet the market demand, Yaohua Quartz transformed from the production of fused quartz glass to the processing of quartz glass products, providing customers with high-quality quartz glass products and processing technology.

The company always insists on taking product quality as the core, and making specialized researches. Focus on customers, it provides customers with professional processing solutions and all-round services, constantly creates value for customers, and strives to become an expert in quartz glass processing.


Yu Min 'Father of China's Hydrogen Bomb'

August 16, 1926 - January 16, 2019

Graduated from Peking University, Academician Yu Min, is a nuclear physicist, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (academician), former vice president of China Academy of Engineering Physics, and winner of the Medal of the Republic. He solved many problems in China's hydrogen bomb principle breakthrough and played an important role in the development of China's nuclear weapons to the international advanced level.

  • In February 2006, Hu Renyu and other four academicians came to the company to inspect the progress of the project.
  • In May 2006, Academician Yu Min, 'Father of China's Hydrogen Bomb', came to the company and gave us guidance.

Company Culture

  • Core Culture

    Pursuit of innovation, aspire for high

  • Company Version

    Become an expert in quartz glass processing

  • Company Objectives

    Constantly pioneering and innovating; Good at unity,
    Build a valiant army;Exercising the indomitable spirit;
    Keep forging ahead and strive to become the top of the international industry.

  • Team Spirit

    Having clear goals and perseverance;Solidarity and affection,
    Hand in hand; Having scientific management and courage to challenge;
    Having active thinking and innovative spirit.

  • Company Spirit

    Dedicated Meticulous Innovative Outstanding

  • Company Ethics

    Responsibility Loyalty Good Faith

  • Company Mission

    To be an expert of quartz glass processing

  • Service Principle

    Provide customers with high value-added products
    and thoughtful service

Company Qualification

Since its establishment, Yaohua Quartz has attached great importance to improve its own quality

Development History

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, we are fortunate to be one of the witnesses from production to processing. We are ushering in a more diversified future.
  • In 2002
    Research on Fused Quartz Glass Project
  • In 2003
    Project Approval
    Yaohua Quartz undertook the national 863-804 project and started to develop it
  • In 2004
    Pilot Production
    The first high-quality pilot line for fused quartz glass in China
  • In 2005
    The first vertical deposition fused quartz glass mound in China was produced
  • In 2007
    Company formation
  • In 2015
    Optical inhomogeneity reaches 9*10ˇ-7
  • In 2019
    Excellent product rate exceeded 70%
  • In 2021
    The company transformed to process IC semiconductor photomask plate and optical components